Monday, May 3, 2010

The Gift of Love

Today I had the opportunity to give the give of love!!!

One of my boys is having a very difficult time. He is frustrated because he did not pass the 5th grade writing test and has to retake it tomorrow. This boy has a vivid imagination and has wonderful stories to tell, but has no desire to write. He literally walks circles around my room during writing time. He drew a circle today for his writing benchmark. Since he has such a road block when it comes to writing, I had to pull out all of the stops.

His second grade teacher is one of the nicest most loving women I have ever met. She told me that if I EVER needed her to call her. I asked her to come and eat lunch with my special friend and give him some encouragement. He was beaming as soon as he realized that she was there to eat with him. My eyes filled with tears as I was thanking her and saw how happy he was. I hope it is enough to get him to write a beautiful piece tomorrow. I also hope that he realizes how my we both love him and know how great he can do.

This just goes to show that even when a teacher is retired, she still love teach and love children.

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