Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goose at Recess

Tomorrow is the last day of testing!!! Horay!!!

As pormised yesterday I will share the goose at recess story since nothing sensational happened today at school.

Tuesday, I took the kids out to recess even though it was raining. I knew they needed to be outside since they had been cooped up testing all day, So I decided to risk it. When the kids reached the door one boy informed me that there was a goose on the field. I released the children into the wild and told them to stay away from the goose and off the field (since it was wet). Apparently, I live in the land of opposites and whatever I tell the children they do the opposite of what I say. So of course they ran down the stairs and decided to try and touch the goose. I eventually got them away from the goose and focused on playing, but then the rain happened. As we ran inside one of my boys ran to the goose and scared the poor thing away. Oh well so much for leaving the goose alone...The goose encounter did lead to some really interesting impersonations when we got back inside. There is nothing like looking down the hallway at one of your boys and seeing him pretending to walk and fly like the goose. HA!!! It was pretty interesting and odd.

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