Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heart Map

In writing every year, I have the students create a heart map. This is a pre-writing activity that we use to help generate ideas for writing pieces. This year was no exception. I have included my heart map in this post...take a look see.

The directions are to write the things that you love inside your heart and things you do not like outside your heart. I did tell them that they were not allowed to place people's names on the outside of their heart. After all, we need to be kind even if we do not like someone.

I discovered that many of my students dislike clowns and they love their families. Some even wrote that they love me, but I think my favorite was that one girl wrote bacon on the inside of her heart... After all, isn't everything better with bacon?

So here is my question for you... I want you to share one item that would be inside your heart and one that would be on the outside. I can not wait to read your comments!!!


  1. Inside: reading, Spanish, my hubby, my grandbabies
    Outside: not being able to sleep at night, lima beans

    Sorry - I didn't follow the rules about ONE thing...

  2. Bahahahaha! Love that you have cats and frogs outside of your heart... One of these days you will come outside to find Big Kitty sitting in the front seat of your car...

    Clowns would DEFINITELY be outside my heart. So would pork chops.

  3. Inside: my family
    Outside: traitors/lars