Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011

"I've never ridden in a tow truck before!" The was just one of the many sentences that were shared between a coworker (Megan) and myself yesterday as our 6 hour drive to Florida turned into a 13 hour trip.

Cruising down the road and jammin' out to a favorite hits was on the menu for the day. We were 2 and a half hours away from our finial destination when it happened...
"Shannon, your car just died."
"Your car just died!" Megan calmly tells me as she is pulling off to the shoulder of I-16 in Pooler, Georgia.
Now, Megan and I are pretty laid back and calm in most situations... on the outside, but the inner monologues were running rampant. I called my mother who was headed to the same finial destination, but was an hour and a half ahead of us. The calling of the parent is always a good choice. They for sure FREAK out when their children are in crisis. She pondered for a while as to whether or not she should come back to where we were located, but in the end decided there was nothing she could do and continued on.

At this point in out epic tale, I have now called the motor club and told them that we are NOT in a safe place. They told me that they would send a police officer to help us. Sweet... "I hope they send a cute one." This never happened. NO police officer ever showed up. Remember, we were not safe.

Now the next question for the motor club was, "Where are you?" My answer, "I am not sure." I told them we were on I-16, going east and we were west of I-95. If we could have seen into the future, we would have payed closer attention to the signs and mile markers. But since we happened to leave our crystal balls at home, we did not pay that close attention to the signs. I gave them some other information from the GPS in an attempt to be located. Well Raymond, the tow truck driver, could not find us. So, what was supposed to take a half an hour took 2 hours!!! We sat in the hot car for two what did we do, read. We each pulled out books and read. This was all while Megan was stress eating cereal. Oh the ways to cope with stress.

In between Raymond finding us and the first phone call to the motor club, I have called back twice. Apparently we were not where we said we were and I was getting fussed at... Now remember what I said earlier...I told them that I did not know where we were. Megan offered to get out of the car and walk the half mile to the sign we could not see, since it was being block by a tree.. When the motor club heard this, their response was, "Do not let her get out of the car!" Ok... she didn't.

M: "We might die here."
M: "We may have to build a shanty town on the side of the road. I will be its mayor."
M:"Who will I be? The resident Umpa Lumpa?"

To be continued...

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  1. LOL!!! I am sorry, I know this is a bit tragic but that does not stop it from being hilarious. I hope you guys made it OK and that this is just an adventure...will keep reading later.Gmo