Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Murphy Strikes Again

This was an un-posted post that was sitting in my blog... I hope you enjoy it. This event occurred after the spring break debacle.





SOOOOOOO, I am apparently blessed with bad luck when it comes to my car.

This past Sunday, after church, two of my friends and I went to lunch. I pulled the car into the spot and pulled up too far. Oh goodie!!! My car ended up sitting on top of one of the cement guards in the parking space.

We come out from eating lunch and when I pulled back the car out I hear this terrible screeching/ scraping sound. YAY!!! I later find out that I have pulled the protector of the bottom of my car. It is now 4:30 pm and I am on my way back to church for my second Easter cantata performance. I crawl on the ground, in my church clothes, and grab hold of the dirty plastic. I yank and pull...twist and give all that I have and it just won't come off. So what do I do? I cut if off with a pair of scissors. Now the piece is being housed in the trunk of my car and will hopefully be fixed soon. When I have the time to take my car in...again.

Since this has occurred... I have thrown away the piece of plastic and waiting for a financial windfall so I can get it fixed.

Oh the joys of being a car owner.

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