Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long time, No Blog

As any good (or bad) teacher can tell you, our job is very difficult, time consuming and draining. I have been working and working, oh and working, therefore I have neglected my blog. As always, I do have lots of wonderful things to share.

Today, actually first thing this morning, I was sassed by a 10 year old boy. Now, if you frequent my blog, I have mentioned this young man before...he is the one who put the sprinkle in his eye...enough said. Well he decided to push my buttons (in a fun way). Yesterday was "eat with the kids at lunch Wednesday." I sat with a group of young men, this boy included, and none of them would talk to me. So, I just started talking. I mean just rambling. Telling this young boy EVERYTHING I could think of. What I was going to do after school, what some of my favorite things are, or any random fact that popped into my head.

Well this became the joke for the rest of the day yesterday and of course continued on to this morning. Well, he decided that I needed to stop talking. Therefore, he wrote "shhhhhhhhhh" on his dry erase board and held it up to me and placed his finger on his lips.

Well of course, I was just shocked by this act and told him to stand in the corner with his nose on the wall. He did this for about 2 seconds before he truned around and flash his million dollar smile. And of course, I just burst into laughter!!!

He has such a FABULOUS personality. You know they say that we are not supposed to have favorites, but the truth is that we do. The key is to make sure that the students don't know it. I feel so blessed to have taught some of the children I have taught. Children like this, who have personally, make teaching fun.

My job is very difficult, time consuming and draining, but I would not trade it for the world. I would have missed out on days like today if I did something else.

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