Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parents... Are you there?

As I reflect on my childhood, one thing that always resonates in my mind is that my parents were there and they parented my sister and I. They supported our activities and hobbies. They handed out consequences when we did not follow the rules and expectations. We also received rewards when we did meet their expectations.

One thing I vividly remember is all the special trips and outings Dad would take us on. My mom stayed home with us, so on the weekends Dad would give Mom some time and take us somewhere. We would explore museums, go hiking, see a movie (or 2) or even see Disney on Ice. These outings were memorable and meaningful. My parents were also there. They showed up to all the games, even when we were in high school and on into college.

The reason I bring all this up today is that I wonder how many children today have these same types of parents. I coach a high school swim team and out of 26 swimmers I can count on my fingers the number of parents that came and watched their child swim. My students do not do their homework. What are they doing when they go home? Why aren't the parents monitoring their child's school work? I had one parent tell me that his two children come home and play on the computer. He confided in me that he did not know what to do. I suggested he take the mouse and key board and hide it.

I mean...come on. Who is the parent? Why are so many adults allowing their children to roam free. I just found out that a young lady I know was just withdrawn from high school by her mother during her junior year. Now she sits at home doing... well nothing. When did parents become friends to their children? I hope and pray that this trend stops. Children need their parents to mold and shape them. We need to raise children in the way that they should go... but what way are we showing them? I hope it is the right one.

I would love to hear/read your thoughts. Please, feel free to share.

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  1. I agree with you! But unfortunately quite a few of the parents out there don't feel the same way we do. They seem to want "us" as teachers and the school to raise them. I believe some of the parents don't seem to care as long as the child isn't bothering them, they don't care what they do. I believe people should want to be parents before becoming pregnant. Now a days girls get pregnant and expect the school, momma, aunt, cousin or somebody else to raise the child. Personally I think you should almost have to take a course and PASS a written and practical test before being allowed to reproduce. But for some reason I believe mainly only teachers will feel this way because we are the ones having to deal with the products of wild adventures.