Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playground Bliss

When I was a young tot my favorite thing to play on was the see-saw (do you remember those!?!) and the swings. I remember having to always be the second person to get on the see-saw because I was a quite chunky child and no one could push it down themselves to get me up to get on... so I had to always get on second and push the first child up into the air and then get on...

But I also LOVED the swings. I would run to the swings and jump on them (stomach down) and pretend I was flying like superman. My sister and I used to chant " Wakka Wakka Wakka Fozzie Bear" when we would swing. Why? I have no idea what so ever...

Today my students went out to recess later then the rest of the 5th graders and they had the playground all to themselves. My kids know I LOVE the swings so they saved me one and let me swing. YAY!!!

Today, as I swung and watched my children, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of happiness and peace. I loved watching my kids play with each other. They played tag and swung with me. Some stood around a chatted. Then toward the end of recess my class play cheese tag (will explain in an upcoming blog), boys vs. girls. It was so fun watching them. I loved seeing how they were getting along. I have told them since the beginning of the year that we, all 25 (including the teachers), are a family.

Today we felt like a family. I am so blessed to have this class in my life.

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