Friday, August 6, 2010

To Do:

List of things left do to before Monday...

1. Write lesson plans: Now this is critical since as a teacher I need them in order to do y job and be prepared for the students each day.

2. Prepare Teacher Incentive: I have decided that after last year my Big Bird needs a few accessories so he can travel to the different teacher when needed. (This is a CRITICAL task, let me tell you)

3: Clean My desk: You can not see it... well I couldn't see it anyway when I left work today because there were no lights on in the building.

4: Create Power Point: This will include morning directions for the students when the walk into the classroom. I will most likely spend my time doing this and they will not read it and ask me what they are supposed to do... GO FIGURE!!!

Mix all this together and what do you get? Me going to work tomorrow on a Saturday to finish. Good thing I didn't have plans until tomorrow night... It's all for the children, It's all for the children, It's all for the children. And for the HUGE pay check I get. HEHE.

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