Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day

Today we established our 4 classroom rules... What they are I have no idea because we wrote them at 9 am.
(After day 2 I know #3 is support and listen to eachother. I had to remind them to follow rule 3 today. One is about respecting people, their space and materials. There is one about working hard and trying your best on assignments. I am pretty sure the 4th one is follow directions. I added a 5th that says learn and have fun. Hey not bad. I guess once I got going they flooded my head.)

Then we spent almost 2 hours putting together binders... With 10 year olds, it takes 2 hours.
(On day 2 we organized our other supplies and got text books. OOOOOOOOOOO fun).

On the first day, I had a young lady who would not stop talking. I redirected her several and I mean SEVERAL times. Today I placed a note on her desk asking her to focus on controlling her talking and being nicer to the people at her group, because (did I mention) she bosses all the boys around.

Hey there is power in a Post-It!!! she was good today... I'm going to leave more Post-It "notes" for my students.

Tune in for more 5th grade fun.


  1. I'm enjoying reading your posts, Shannon! Here's to a great year!!

  2. I like the post-it idea - they love the individual attention!