Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break 2011 Part one

My break this year started off with a blessing. On November 15th my best friend gave birth to the most perfect baby boy in the entire world, Quin Reiter Scales. It was a very short trip, but perfect all the same.

To see pictures and what Desiree had to say here is her blog post on the trip.

When Desiree was pregnant I stumbled onto the book Savy Auntie by Melanie Notkin.
I am now regestered member of this group and website ( I am an Auntie by choice and not one by relation to Quin. After reading the book, I realized that I will have a big roll to play in his life. I know how to care for him, purchase gifts for him and most importantly what mom is going through. I truly hope that this bundle of joy helps to mold me into a wonderful Auntie and prepare me to be a mother.

Auntie Shannon

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  1. You most certainly are the best auntie! Quinn loves you lots.