Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Cookies

When you were in school do you remember getting excited about the treat that your mom would send in for your birthday? I remember my mom always making bags with popcorn and M&M's for my birthday.

Most children bring in cupcakes, but today we got cookies. My student's birthday is tomorrow and he will be 11. Instead of giving them out at lunch, we waited until the end of the day. I passed out napkins and each child received their treat. Right as we were beginning to sing Happy Birthday, one of my table groups erupted into laughter. When the song was complete the following conversation occurred:

Me: "What are you all laughing at?"

Girl: "He put a sprinkle in his eye!" pointing and laughing at said student, who by the way had his back to me.

Me: "What?" In my head I was thinking there is no way I heard her correctly. No child in their right mind would put a sprinkle in their eye.

Girl: "No, really he put it in his eye!" At this point the student in question turned to face me. His right eye filled with tears as he pulled on it. He was laughing at his poor decision along with his peers .

I asked the student to walk over to me... then ask:
Me: "What have you learned from this experience?"

Boy: "Not to do it again. It hurts."

Me: " Very good idea."

Moral of the story: Do not place sprinkles in your eye, they hurt (or so I have been told).

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