Sunday, December 26, 2010

And The Answers Are...

I know I know.... I promised answers way sooner... but I got overwhelmed and busy with grades ect. The last week of school....

And the answers are:
Silly Band One: Glow in the dark Princess Crown (so I can find it when the lights are off)
Silly Band Two: Purple glittery telephone
Silly Band Three: Glow in the dark peep toed high heal shoe (again so I can find it in the dark)
Silly Band Four: Rhino
Silly Band Five: Here is how the conversation went with the giver when she placed it in my hand...

Me: What is this?
Giver: Its a silly ring!!!
M: Oh, I see that, but what is it supposed to be? ( In my head I was thinking of the most inappropriate object it could have been.) The Eiffel Tower?
G: It's a guitar!!!
M: Of course it is. I see it now.

The rest of the day I showed it to my co-workers who also had the same thoughts as me.
Oh the joys of teaching Young Humans.

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